Drawn wire

The wires are drawn  from the rods produced within the company and are used mainly in the electrical and food industry as well as in other industries.

Round wires for the food industry

Chemical composition: According to EN 573-3:

  • EN AW-1050A [Al 99.5]
  • EN AW-1070A [Al 99.7]
  • EN AW-6101 [AlMgSi]
  • EN AW-5xxx [AlMg1 – AlMg3.5]
Diameter: Ø between 2.0 – 4.50mm
Tolerance: According to internal standards or customer requirements
Mechanical properties: On customer demand
Surface: Bright, degreased
Packing: In big coils (500-1100 kg), on cardboard core, with conical or straight winding:

  • inside Ø: 400 or 600 mm
  • width: 550 mm or 700 mm
  • outside Ø: approx. 1170 mm
On plastic spools (DIN 300), 5-8 kg/spool
In coils weighing 20-40 kgs:

  • inside Ø: 400 mm
  • width: 120-150 mm
In coils weighing 10-12 kgs:

  • inside Ø: 200 mm
  • height: max. 100 mm
  • outside Ø: max. 360 mm
  • big coils on pallets
  • the small coils are stretchfoiled or in carboard boxes, on pallets


All technical delivery conditions are agreed at the time of concluding the contract.

We are ready to meet special customer requirements as well.