Drawn wire

The wires are drawn  from the rods produced within the company and are used mainly in the electrical and food industry as well as in other industries.

Wire for metallizing

The metallizing wires are used in the packaging and electronic industry for evaporating a thin coating onto surface.


Chemical composition: According to DIN EN 573-3:

  • EN AW-1070A [Al 99,7]
  • EN AW-1080A [Al 99,8(A)]
Diameter: Ø between 1.5 – 2.4 mm.
Tolerance: 0.02 mm, or according to customer requirements
Mechanical properties: Hard (H18), tensile strength: min. 150 N/mm2, or according to individual requirements
Semi hard (H14) tensile strength: 100-150 N/mm2, or according to individual requirements
Surface: Smooth, bright, degreased.
Winding: The metallizing wires are spooled in one length (without welding).
Delivery, packing: Coil:

  • inside Ø: 400 mm
  • width: 120-150 mm
  • weight: 20-40 kg
  • Winding: tightly, orderly wound coils, tied with plastic bands at 3 places, covered with paper
Plastic spools (DIN 300):

  • weight: 5-8 kg
  • winding: pararell (side by side)
The wires can be wound on different spool dimensions, according to customer requirements.
The metallizing wires on spools are covered with PE foil, with absorbent silicagel, and put in cardboard boxes, which protect them from moisture, corrosion and damage.


All technical delivery conditions are agreed at the time of concluding the contract.

We are ready to meet special customer requirements as well.