Wire rod

The wire rods are produced with continuous casting technology mainly for the electrical and steel industries as well as raw material for the drawn wire production of Inotal.

Wire rod for steel deoxidation

Chemical composition: According to MSZ 8502-81 (see table 1.), can be changed according to customer demand.
  • Ø 12 mm
Tolerance: +/- 5 %
Mechanical properties: See table 2.
Coil dimensions:
  • weight: 2000 kg (max. 2500 kg)
  • width: 850 +/- 20 mm
  • outside Ø: max. 1600 mm
  • inside Ø: 570 +/- 20 mm
Packing: Horizontal (eye-to-side) or vertical (eye-to-sky) axis on trestle or palett, protected with PE foil and with absorbent silicagel.


Table 1. – Chemical composition (MSZ 8502-81):
Alloy designation Al
Chemical composition
Cu Zn Mg Si total*
D AL 1 98 0,2 0,5 0,3 1 2

* Cu, Zn, Mg, Si, Mn, Ti, Pb, Sn, Fe


Table 2. – Mechanical properties:
Alloy designation Tensile strength Rm [N/mm2]
min. max.
D AL 1 125 140


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