The round aluminium slugs for the production of collapsible tubes, aerosol cans and containers are made in accordance with customer specifications on shape and size.

Slugs for impact extrusion

Chemical compositions: According to DIN EN 573-3:

  • EN AW-1050A [Al 99,5]
  • EN AW-1070A [Al 99,7]
  • EN AW-3102 [AlMn 0,2]
  • EN AW-3207 [AlMn 0,6]

Or according to other standards: AA 1050, AA 1070, AA 1170 …

Dimensions: Solid:

  • Ø: 18,8-75,7 mm
  • thickness: 3-10 mm

  • Ø: 18,8-63,2 mm
  • thickness: 3-6 mm
  • hole Ø: max. 12 mm
Smaller diameters upon individual agreements.
Tolerances: According to DIN EN 570 standards
Shape: Flat, conical or domed
Surface: Vibrationally tumbled, shot blasted or tumbled
  • Al 99,5 % max. 23 HBW after surface treatment
  • Al 99,7 % max. 21 HBW after surface treatment
  • AlMn0,2 max. 23 HBW after surface treatment
  • AlMn0,6 max. 25 HBW after surface treatment
Packing: In 25 kg cardboard boxes, on request can be lined with PE foil, on pallets
Packing units: 800 kg/pallet


All technical delivery conditions are agreed at the time of concluding the contract.

We are ready to meet special customer requirements as well.