About us


Inotal is producing and distributing wide range of aluminium hydroxides (dry aluminium hydroxides, ground aluminium hydroxides, viscosity optimized aluminium hydroxides, fine precipitated aluminium hydroxides) formerly produced by MAL Zrt under the trade name ALOLT.


We produce ALOLT products at the same quality level on the original production lines.
At the same time  we constantly widen the range of our products and develop the technology of new products. There is a special accent on the development of viscosity optimized products.


Our products are used for the following fields of application:

  • carpet backing
  • coating of PUR foam
  •  SMC
  • BMC
  • pultrusion
  • laminates
  • conveyor belts
  • cables
  • floorings
  • PVC
  • thermoplastics (PP, PE, EVA)
  • dispersions
  • polyurethans
  • artificial marble
  • synthetic zeolites
  • aluminum compounds
  • glass, ceramics, refractory materials
  • tubes and pipes
  • roofing
  • cable compounds for data cables
  • cable compound for electrical cables
  • adhesives
  • electrical isolation